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Providing our partners with the expertise needed in order to conduct the highest quality research.


The services provided by our company encompass every aspect of clinical research including:

  • Tailor fitting studies that work the best for the therapeutic area of the practice avoiding interference with current treatment plan of patients
  • Obtaining and negotiating contracts and budgets for clinical research studies
  • Managing clinical studies from study selection to close-out visit
  • Handling all regulatory affairs
  • Staffing and training where necessary
  • Developing standard operating procedures that will be strictly adhere to FDA regulations and NIH and GCP guidelines
  • Identifying potential study patients to meet enrollment and financial goals
  • Handling, retrieving, monitoring, and reporting data collected
  • Preparing for and/or facilitating external audits (FDA, IRB, Pharmaceutical)
  • Facilitating communication between the site and sponsor, CRO, and regulatory agencies.
  • Developing and maintaining standards in clinical research to assure human research protections and data integrity
  • Minimizing the amount of physician required time and involvement
  • Providing experienced, qualified and certified staff members for the conduction of clinical trials.


  • Professional development for Investigators participating in the clinical trials
  • Professional recognition in the community
  • Practices involved in clinical research remain at the cutting edge of its specific area of therapeutic interest
  • Clinical research in your therapeutic area offers alternative treatment to patients that competing practices will not have access to
  • The practice will generate auxiliary income with minimal impact on daily operations
  • Increase clinical trial awareness within the community
  • Physicians contribute to the development of new and innovative therapeutic treatments that are not yet available to the public